I haven't been 100% with the glow guide at all! But when I have been I feel great! So I've decided I am going to restart it on Sunday.. Week 1! I am looking forward to sticking to it this time no mater what! :)

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over 4 years

I loved week one, but sadly this week I have had a few health issue that I'm under investigation for at the hospital ladies problems!!!! But I have been eating the meals and if I've had a naughty moment I have had dates and the nuts oops but I'm back on it today, so leave tomorrow behind and look forward 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼🌺🌺🌺🌺 good luck you can do it 👀

over 4 years

Yes that's exactly the same as me :)

over 4 years

Me too. I need to commit but need not to be hard on myself either when I do slip up

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

So glad you're feeling great from the programme babe! Can't wait to see how you get on ❤️