Just made the double amount of this weeks energyballs for the girls at work today-I think they're gonna love them and finish them quickly 😄😋

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over 5 years

Yum 😍

over 5 years

Amazeballs! They're so perfectly round. Mine look nothing like that. They do however taste fantastic. Everyone wants them at work. I'm going to start charging soon 😆

over 5 years

Everybody loved it! Even the boys ;p

over 5 years

That's a fab idea! I might pinch it and do it for my lovely lady colleagues! We are all trying to be healthy so this could work for all of us 😊 x

Awaken My Spirit
over 5 years

They look wonderful 😍😍

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

They look so tasty! 😘