Hello all, I am thinking of buying the app. It looks great and your posts are all very friendly! I have a few questions though... Realistically how often do I need to exercise? I am a teacher so don't have much time at all. Do I do the workouts daily? Also, what physical changes have you all noticed and over what time frame? Thank you :)

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over 4 years

It a challenge , I am cooking for me as well as the family, but definitely worth it, use short cuts , prepare as much as possible, I freeze Kale & other chopped veg and use when needed , I work part time so home by lunch, which is when I either cook or sort ingredients for my dinner then sort out family as normal . X. It's only eight weeks, go for it . 😘

over 4 years

Thank you so much for replying ☺️ I just have to weigh up whether I can eat differently to the rest of the house!

over 4 years

I have been following the program for two weeks now and some of the results I've seen so far: less bloating, more regular, more energy, clearer skin and I have lost 5 pounds! Plus I am learning how to cook new delicious dishes! It really is worth every penny!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Hettie, so pleased you're thinking of buying the App! It really is a transformational programme yes the workouts are daily and strength based, I like to do them in the morning and it's approximately 2 weeks for results 😘