Hi everyone, I have tried to find wild blueberries for some time but so far I havn't been lucky. Does anyone here know where I could find some in London? I am looking for wild ones, not the farmed version you buy in supermarkets. I hope someone here can help me!
Thank you

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over 4 years

Thanks Madeleine, I will try but it is very difficult to find them in the UK. Funnily I received an email from a Canadian company I contacted before Christmas just after I published this post. They have just started to export Canadian wild blueberries to the UK again but for now there are only very few shops selling them in the UK... And none in London :(. Hopefully it will grow. For now I found juice and powder on Internet. Better than nothing :)

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Inrid, have you tried a local farmers market? They have fresh and local produce 😘