Still unsure on the turmeric milk...I've tried making it with just hot water but that's even worse!! Is there anything I can replace it with or use another milk? What are the main benefits of having it every morning? X

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Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

Hi Madeleine. I'd really like to try it because I suffer with IBS so thought it would help. Having said that since starting the plan I've had no symptoms. Yay 💚

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Jenny, you can use any other plant milk or raw organic milk. Turmeric is a powerhouse and so good for your digestion, immune system and has anti-cancer properties. You can substitute for lemon and ginger if you prefer xx

over 4 years

She says cinnamon is fine without turmeric. It's an anti inflammatory it helps my arthritis

over 4 years

Did you try to add some raw cacao to it? Someone posted that tip and it's kickin' it to a whole other level! I added some coconut oil aswell and it's the best hot chocolate and still has all the anti inflammatory benefits of the turmeric😊

over 4 years

I don't love it but I found I do prefer it with almond milk instead of rice milk.