I am seriously thinking about buying the app but am about worried about the work outs. I am 41 and don't see myself as necessarily unfit but the sample work out I watched looked very difficult. How is everyone coping with it? Or is it more suitable for youngsters? Sorry to sound like an old fogey but worried my poor body won't cope. Cheers xxx

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over 4 years

Thank you guys for the advice 😃

Susan McGarrigle
over 4 years

Nicky I'm 42 ( nearly 43........) although I think I've stuck at 26.. Anyway, I'm finding the workouts manageable. Some of the moves are a bit of a challenge ( the breakdancer one in the warm up especially) and I certainly don't skip between reps as quickly as the girls, I put that down to fitness and not age. So go for it. You can do it at your own pace and build from there. And 41 is NOT old😜😜😜😜

over 4 years

Go for it! At your own pace of course. I am nearly 48, I do the workouts but only 2 circuits instead of 3 or 4 if I am not feeling up to it..Same with the yoga, I find the pace of it is a bit challenging but it is getting easier. You will be fine, so much guidance in this program you can't go wrong really! Good luck 😊

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Nicky, and welcome to Glow Guides! I'm so glad you're thinking of joining the glow squad! There's lots of great content on app along with the workout, so lots to get involved with! With the workouts you can go as slowly as you like and practice makes perfect so you will build up more strength. Let me know how you get on 😘

over 4 years

I'm going to be 44 this year!! My god I've just admitted my real age. I've been 36 for so long, I actually forgot my real age! 😂😀 Age is just a number that should not hold you back. After all the 40's are the new 30's. I feel so much healthier than I did 10-20 years ago. I'm not the 9 &1/2 stone I used to be either and that's a good thing!!! I was so unhealthy then. Drinking, smoking, eating rubbish foods ugh. And I maybe a stone heavier now.. Maybe more! ( that I'm not ready to admit 😀) but my mind is healthier, and I'm eating right and working out. It's hard work but it's worth it! I'm here for you babe. 😘😘

Abygail Irving-Isom
over 4 years

I'm 37. I don't know how much you exercise, I always exercised regularly (was very flexible and could run 5k) until I was pregnant and nausea and tiredness got in the way. I'm now six months post partum, so haven't exercised vigorously in more than a year, I find the workouts challenging but far from impossible.