Hi everyone! I'm thinking about buying the app, I love Madeleine's book, her philosophy and recipes! And I started to follow her advice a few months ago. But it's really difficult to stick properly on a work out routine and a meal plan because of my job, I can't really have a routine to be honest... So I'm trying to adapt everything to my busy messy life. Do you think the app will work for me? Thanks !

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about 4 years

Thanks Madeleine! It's really good to see how you're taking the time to answer all questions!😊😊😊

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hi Liber, I know how it feels to be short of time! What you can do is get the workout done early in the morning and make sure to put aside that time. Alternatively you can split the work outs into 2 x 25 minute sessions with warm ups. Hope that helps 😘