Morning Glow Getters! I wanted to share something one of the Glow Squad said a few days ago - Pincess is on her 2nd week of the programme: “This has to be the best £50 I’ve ever spent. Seriously - I love all the naughty food and am by no means a health nut but I feel so good it’s amazing. To those who have just joined with the foggy/fuzzy tired heads and bodies - stick with it. I look at Glow Guides more than I do Twitter now! The community posts are really encouraging too. Well done all of us we have started something life changing X” Join our Glow Community and start something life changing - the Glow Week starts tomorrow so there’s still time to buy the programme and do your weekly shop! x

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Non glow related that necklace! Where's it from? I'm a seahorse lover :-))

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I couldn't agree more and could've written the same myself! I am starting week 3 today and it's like it has already become a way of life already! I don't even miss sugar or the unhealthy foods I ate anymore which is bizarre as I have a HUGE sweet tooth.. And I actually find myself craving more of these foods than the Chinese takeaway I used to have every weekend. The date and almond balls help loads as they are delicious & keep any sweet craving you have away in the day and the goodness of all the food & the exercise makes you feel so much healthier and better in yourself, that you don't want all that junk food :) for me this has been my experience so far anyway.. & I think the App has been worth every penny. It is so easy to follow and you are never hungry as the portion sizes are perfect and I am a big eater - that's what I love about it too! Oh and the bonus is I've lost some weight too!

It is definitely the best choice I have made this year 😀

Thanks again Madeline & Shona all your hard work has been amazing! Xx

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Something similar happened to me when I was following the six week plan on Madeleine's book ' Get the Glow', my regular pattern changed I took it like my body was detoxifing and adapting to my new healthy eating, in maybe two weeks it was my normal pattern again! hope that helps!😉

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I totally agree I am loving it and never thought I'd crack my sugar habit. Just one bit of advice I need is about bowel movements. I am badly constipated then have overflow diarrhoea. Should our movements be regular?