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Glow Squad - who’s starting today? Comment below and support each other!

Remember you can start the programme on any week xx

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almost 3 years

Started today! Very tasty meals so far and hopefully doing the yoga before bed to unwind before a manic week begins again!

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almost 3 years

I did 😊already ate two meals and prepped everything for tomorrow 👍

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almost 3 years

I would love to do this program but I'm a strict vegan and wonder if I would get my money's worth since a lot of the recipes are not vegan... :( ... However, I'm super inspired by you Madeline and love following all your social media outlets! It would be great if your glow program had vegan recipe substitutes, definitely something I hope you consider!

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almost 3 years

I'm starting today lovely breakfast and stretchy yoga great start , looking forward to glowing :)

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almost 3 years

Starting today! Can't wait to glow! Good luck everyone xx

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almost 3 years

I'm starting today so excited to get going. Just had the avocado on rye so delicious, we added a few chopped spring onions for extra zing yum!

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almost 3 years

I am starting today too. The yoga session is fantastic! Just had the avocado toast for breakfast. It's delicious.

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almost 3 years

I've started this morning, loved the tumeric milk and avocado on rye bread. Good luck everyone!

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Danielle Cormack
almost 3 years

I'm starting today too, excited but a little worried that I will be cooking separate meals for me and the family. I'm hoping they like the look of mine so much they'll join in! X

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Tasha's Kitchen
almost 3 years

I'm starting today too. I was thinking of doing the yoga & meditation before bed as it looks like a good way of winding down. Bit scared about cooking a roast as I've only done it once before. Hopefully all goes well. I've also got my boyfriend doing it with me.

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almost 3 years

Starting today! Been looking forward to it!!

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almost 3 years

Me too, also starting, my main hope for this week is to drink more water, ditch the coffee and get better sleep. Whilst managing a stressful busy full time job, 3 children with all of their demands, plus a husband who doesn't like sweet potato!! I'm choosing to have a run today, as try to exercise and am training for a half marathon. I've had some time off from running over recent months, so this plan and my running will hopefully assist with getting rid of a slightly more rounded midriff. 😂

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almost 3 years

Me! Am so excited to start my glow journey!

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almost 3 years

I'm starting today too! Hubby's doing it with me as he said he would have just had major food envy all the time otherwise! 😂

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almost 3 years

Good morning. I have just woken up. I am going to start properly today looking forward to it. I'm roasting with chicken breasts instead as it will be easier to handle 😄❤️

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almost 3 years

I'm starting today! Can't wait to get into it. Looks great!

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Hannah Wood
almost 3 years

It's day 1 for my and glow 'guy'....my husband! He's been cooking from the book every day since I received it at Xmas. He's just as excited as me to start.

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almost 3 years

I started today! I live in China so it was some job finding all the ingredients at the local market! The date and almond balls were 👌🏼

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almost 3 years

I am! Just had my avo on rye and it was so so good!

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almost 3 years

I'm starting today - already done my Sunday yoga and meditation, had my avocado on toast and tucking into some jasmine tea! Looking forward to all the exciting food and exercise!!