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Hey glow squad - how has your weekend been? Getting ready to do stretchy Sunday followed by my meal prepping for tomorrow. What have you all been up to? xxx

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almost 3 years

I took part in a 15 mile race as part of my marathon training and couldn't face any food when I finished (at 1:30pm)... I then pick my 3 children up and went to walk the dog and by the time I came back, I was starving!!! Luckily I had some if your energy balls in the fridge do I had 3. After a shower, I cooked the roast chicken from week 1 as it is what I fancied. It was the tastiest ready ever; I was so hungry! Hoping to do the stretchy yoga once the kids are in bed; I might fall asleep...

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almost 3 years

Hello! Really thinking about buying but totally skint! Have been using your book and loving recipes there 😋. If I do buy should I start at week one or sync with everyone else on week three? Hoping some recipes would be good for my toddler too?! Xx

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almost 3 years

Butternut curry is bubbling away on the cooker. Made the beef and carrot stew to have as a back up meal in the freezer as I tend to get surprise visitors and this would be a better option than phoning for a pizza. Sesame balls made, about to pull apart my bench as its a bit shoogly. Then soak in the tub and chill in front of the tv.

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almost 3 years

I've just done my yoga week 2 still lying on my mat and looking forward to the spaghetti and courgette salmon! Feeling so good after the yoga! LOVE IT, thanks Madeleine

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almost 3 years

I have been making some mala beads, did work out A (I was feeling particularly energetic today) and now I'm tucking in to my salad dinner. Happy Sunday all

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almost 3 years

Just finishing some study then going to do my stretchy Sunday yoga. Then have tea and watch a movie :) only been 1 day but enjoyed the food so good start :) x

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almost 3 years

Had lunch late so Gibbs have dinner about 7:30 and then prep after and clean flat