So it’s nearly payday and you’re thinking ahead to next month’s budget...let me give you a hand: You want to get healthy, but find that morning coffee and croissant too tempting? The Glow Guides programme can help you enliven the hottest, happiest and healthiest you and at £49.99 (just 90p per day for the 8 weeks) it will cost less than your daily coffee stop! Plus after the 8 weeks are up it’s totally yours to keep and use again and again, for FREE which means that in the months to follow the GG will actually save you money! We’ve got an amazing, motivating community of Glow Girls and Guys who can support you as you give up your morning pastry and discover a love of healthy food, exercise, yoga and meditation! Who’s joining the programme this week? Comment below and make some friends! xx

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over 4 years

Hi! I was just wondering how much the weekly shop costs roughly?

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello! Green tea is a great substitute xx

over 4 years

I just started yesterday!! Really enjoyed the food so far! I don't drink a lot of coffee, but sometimes really enjoy a cup, so just wondering are there any coffee alternatives you would recommend. I do like herbal teas, but just after something with a stronger taste!

over 4 years

Me! I've just joined and very excited to get going. I've already been trailing some of Madeleine's recipes over the last week or so and loving this new healthy lifestyle. The recipes are so simple and my whole family (including 2 young children) are enjoying them too, I love seeing them try new foods. Charlotte X