Just downloaded the app. Broke my foot at the end of October last year and it's still giving me hassle. Back off work after a month back and walking with a crutch cos it's too painful not to. Can't do any exercise yet but soon hopefully. As soon as I'm signed back to exercise I will be buying this app in full. I need a full transformation!!

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over 4 years

Hi Sharoni, I cannot do any of the exercise at the moment but still loving the munch and meditation, and the wonderful community. If you can, I'd give it a go and do some of the yoga and the munch and meditation. It's so worth it! Enjoy 💜💛💜💛

over 4 years

You could download it anyway and just follow the meal plans - it will make you feel clean & healthy then add the exercise in when you're ready. Good luck!

over 4 years

thank you

over 4 years

Well done and good luck. 💚