Definitely struggling to balance crazy work life with life life! 😁 A tougher end to Week 2 BUT staying strong and back on track today - sending positive vibes to all. This was the evening sky tonight - thought I would share with you the fabulous Glow Community. 🙌⭐️

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Beautiful! 😘

over 4 years

It was on my way back into London, from Steeple Bumpstead - a magic ombré! Just had to share! ☺️

over 4 years

Gorgeous sky, loving it

Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

oh what a beautiful shot, where is this?

I know the feeling, same of my 2016 goals is to think and plan for a change in my career..

over 4 years

And sending them back to you too 💚 gorgeous big sky