Hi all. I've finally beaten the bullet and downloaded the app after becoming obsessed with the recipes in the 'Get The Glow' book the past month.

BUT I'm slightly confused about hi many times I should be doing the workouts? Is it 1x yoga session a week and 2x circuits? Are they also on set days or can you do them on whichever days you chose? Help!!

Madeleine, LOVE the app so far, it's beautiful and the recipes are delicious, but it would be fab if, when you releases a newer app version, if there was some kind of weekly tick off type section....so you could mark off:
1 x Workout A ✅
1 x Workout B ✅
Yoga x 1
1 x Workout A
Monday mediation
Tuesday mediation etc....
(And push alert reminder would be good too)
Would help me keep track of what I need to do each week and gives a great sense of accomplishment!


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Hannah Wood
over 4 years

I noticed that afterwards. Oops! Let's blame that on excitement to get started on Sunday :)

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It's an easy app/ guide to navigate. As Fiapia said, take a look at the week. It will tell you what day is cardio and what day is yoga. So happy you joined 👍😀

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Hey! Welcome to glow guides! If you look at each day in each week, it tells you which workout to do. Hope that helps!