My four pound loss last week appears to have been a temporary illusion. Either that or I've gained two back. Feeling a bit bummed. Totally need to get hubs to hide the scales.

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Hannah Wood
over 4 years

Hide the scales! Concentrate on how you feel instead. I've toned up this past year and out on a stone in the process as its muscle. Scales are evil!

over 4 years

No more weighing!! 😃 The scales know nothing! They don't know how much muscle mass you're building! 💪They don't know how much hard work you're putting into this! Time to break up with them... 😘

Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

you probably gained muscle which is good , dont focus on weight loss focus on measurements ...

over 4 years

Life is too precious to be so worried about weight, enjoy the programme the nice food and focus more on how your body feels rather than what you weight X

over 4 years

You would of gained muscle fat. Scales are unreliable they don't tell you how much your bones, water retention and muscle fat your way

over 4 years

I agree hide the scales if they get to you. If it makes you feel any better I haven't lost any weight this week. Not bothered by it as I had a rough week at work and didn't really slide on the food front. Previously I would have been devouring crisps and vending machine junk and would have put on weight. You're doing great!!!

over 4 years

Good morning 🙋
Hide them scales - you are gorgeous and will lose it if you need to I'm sure. Xx