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Is there an alternative I could use to rye bread? I find it really dry and hard and really struggle to eat it

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hey lovely, check my website for great recipes xx

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over 2 years

Thanks I have toasted it but does make it any easier to eat. Might try and make some from the book if I have time. Thank you all

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over 2 years

Try sourdough bread that's really good for you and less dense than rye bread ... Also full of probiotics which are good for your gut health

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over 2 years

Definitely toast it until it almost burns at the edges. Like a double toast of normal bread. It 'caramelises' so to speak. It's a thousand times better that way!

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over 2 years

Do u have get the glow book. U could make Madeleine bread

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over 2 years

Do you toast it? Is a lot nicer if you do, I can't eat it unless I do