Glow shopping for week 1 done :) . Wholefoods had either giant or tiny sweet potatoes. I went for giant, but I have this strange feeling in my stomach I should have gone for small.
Can't wait to try Maddie's recipes and learn new tricks and skills. I am also feeling very excited about the workout / yoga / meditation programme.

I would like to share my story with you and why I am doing this programme if it can be inspirational to anyone - I know I am inspired by all of you. So here we go:
I started January last year with great news as I got pregnant, something me and my BF wanted very much. The joy didn't last very long though as I had a miscarriage in February while I was abroad for work and I had an operation. It has been one of the most difficult things I had to face as it was so personal and emotional. I took the time to grieve and simply accept my vulnerability at that difficult time. I am a very positive person and what happened has had lots of positive effects - my BF and I got closer, it made me reflect better on becoming a mum and how much I wanted it. But following the miscarriage I was scared of doing any sporty activity as psychologically I thought it would hurt my body and I started to eat more emotionally like a little tiramisu here, a little muffin there. I needed comfort and I was putting my head in the sand even if I still have a hard time to acknowledge it. I did take extra pounds gradually but something started to unlock in me gradually too. I started to have healthier meal plans again from the beginning of December. I didn't want to wait for the famous, fashionable January detox. For me winter is a great period to start as you can have lots of warm, nourishing, satisfying soups and as silly as it sounds it has been a good trigger for me as it was truly appealing to me. I was also clear in my mind I didn't want to be on a so called 'diet', I didn't want to count calories, measure my weight every day or anything obsessional. I did this when I was in my late teens/early twenties and the only thing it led to was eating disorder and not having proper meals. For me it was a big no no. But I wanted to rekindle with myself and feel whole and happy again. I also wanted to take this opportunity to make really healthy changes in the way I ate. I have a very good knowledge in nutrition but not one I was applying fully in my life. But my ultimate objective is to truly have a healthy, glowy lifestyle.
December has been great, I did have cravings in between meals but I ditched sugar completely and I had so much energy during that month. It was great. Without doing anything more than having healthy meals and no snacks in between my extra pounds have been vanishing. I discovered Madeleine and her programme in January and thought it would be great to try it as I am keen to learn more about creating delicious, nutritious meals and I need to exercise more and reinforce my body. I am very thankful for Maddie to create this very holistic programme and be such an inspiration. I love her approach of bringing all the goodness in and not depriving yourself. Food, eating, life should be fun, happy and delicious. It is definitely all about glowing inside out and it totally echoes what I want to do in my life.
I am very happy to be on that 8-week journey with you all.
I x

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lisa b
over 4 years

Thank you for sharing your story, good luck with the plan - lots of hugs sent your way xx

over 4 years

Thanks girls, it means a lot to me xxx

over 4 years

Bless you and thanks for sharing your story.
Everything that happens makes us who we are and I am sure that something good comes out of even the worse experiences.
Good luck with the plan.

over 4 years

Awesome Ingrid. Beautiful honesty and wonderful to see you're turning negative into positive. What a great community. xx