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Madeleine, what do you think of Tesco's new frozen avocado halves? My husband just told me he heard about it earlier today. Sounds great as I always eat a whole avocado rather than wasting the other half. Is there any harm in freezing them? xxx

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over 2 years

Ocado sell 4 small avocados so you can use a whole one and they're not too big, and no waste!

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Jane GlowGirl EastMidlands
over 2 years

I use these for smoothies etc

When defrosted they go fairly mushy, I've used them in salads etc, they are ok but not as good as fresh

They are handy to have if you are trying to budget.

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over 2 years

My mum bought these to try but she had one this morning and said it had no taste. Ok for something like guacamole I suppose.

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over 2 years

I've got the frozen ones, bought for that very reason. I've only used one half so far but it didn't feel quite ripe to me.

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over 2 years

I've also look at these but they never seem to be in stock. I would interested to see if frozen veg is acceptable in the meal plans.