Hello beautiful ladies :) thought I'd share today's adventures as I've been seeing some great posts :)
Today I had a "bad day". As I'm starting (officially) the guides tomorrow (😁) Ive decided to give myself a little treat... I had the 'omg I'm gonna start a new challenge tomorrow, is it gonna work for me, I won't be able to have drinks or have treats' and so on running through my head all day. And after I had the treat I felt super guilty and not as satisfied as I thought it would be. Maybe chocolate tastes better in my thoughts than it actually does in my mouth lol and after feeling guilty after having it I've decided to stop and think: this is NOT a short term diet. This doesn't have an expiry date. Yes it's 8 weeks but it's a lifestyle change, it's a commitment to myself that I'll do the best I can in those 8 weeks and be as healthy and happy as I can be, making the right choices for myself. And if I wanna treat myself to a glass of wine or a slice of cake in between those weeks or after that? I won't beat myself up. Just like I didn't today. Yes, I felt guilty at first. But then I had no reason to because life is for living. These things happen. You fall off the waggon but as long as you make sure you pick yourself up again that's all that matters. I had my dinner after that and I felt satisfied and a little glad this happened. It made me realise sometimes we don't need to give in so easily to temptation. It's all around us and we think this is the only time were allowed to have it (before we embark on a healthy journey) but it's always gonna be there. So two things I've learned today was: listen to your body, sometimes it needs the right nourishment. Cakes and sweets and all that might seem like it's what we need, but try to stick to your original plan and have your meals first.. Then if you still crave it you can do something about that. Chances are.. You won't even need it :) I'm happy this happened as it'll help me keep on track and I'll be able to look back and think of this experience if I feel like giving into the cravings
Good night all xxx

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over 4 years

Ha ha, I did the same before starting my healthy meals in December and I had the same exact feelings. The first month felt difficult as I had cravings in between meals but after 6 weeks to 2 months I am not even hungry anymore in between. I am quite amazed by it. I do drink quite a lot in between though with infusions and I always have a glass of coconut water late morning. It doesn't have much calories and it is very hydrating and has lots of wonderful properties.
Stick with it 😋