I have a confession::: last night i had Steak with stilton & chips... It was an actual choice, I love that meal, I wanted it, I made it, I ate it.
What is going to be different is I am not going to feel guilty, I am not abandoning my healthy eating , one meal doesn't mean I am suddenly unhealthy after changing my lifestyle in last 3 weeks, i am not a failure.
Its hard to completely abandon 100% food that is bad for us because lets be honest, its nice! Its an unrealistic expectation but i have worked out that i have been healthy eating for 3 weeks, that means one 'bad meal ' out of 84, including snacks, that means i have eaten healthy 98.8% of the time...... Thats not failure thats success right there........ Go me!
P.s i did chips in actifry so not totally bad!
#noguilt. #clinging to the positives

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100% agree. One 'bad' meal won't make us unhealthy just like one good meal won't make us healthy 😊

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I love what you said about one 'bad' meal out of how many great meals. we're not on a diet, we're changing our lifestyle. It's a progression not an overnight thing.my 'bad' weekend started thursday with a work thing that included wine and mini chocolate eclairs. friday monthly dinner with friends... they made lasagna, saturday... last minute invite to friends and guess what, lasagna again. but despite not not too great meals, I've noticed something, I don't eat as mich. I'm full sooner. today was much better, back on track.

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So glad to hear someone with such a good attitude to food and life. Treats are not a bad thing as long as they are not every meal. We only live once so why deny ourselves. I'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't feel guilty because you shouldn't. Ps steak is not actually unhealthy so you could have done a lot worse lol

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Loved reading all your comments.... We may still have a 'bad' meal once in a while but we are not going to feel guilty.... We are glow girls and we are strong!!!!!💪🙏xxxxxx

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I could not agree more!! 👏👏
I ate pizza last night. Not the most healthiest choice. But I got home later than expected and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do.
I think we are all doing a remarkable job! 🙌💪💪 We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Look at what you've achieved so far! Some of us are three weeks into this program. That's 3 weeks of exercise and clean eating! For me that's amazing! I'm not usually this dedicated about working out 😂
Everyone here should give themselves a huge pat on the back, whether you're 3 weeks in or just starting today! Hooray for us 🎉

Eva Mayer
over 4 years

Haha, i had wine and a naughty dinner als well... During the week I have no problem eating healthy but the weekends are terrible!

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Loving it. I know I will do exceptions too especially when I am with my BF and we want to enjoy a pizza out.

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I did the same thing last night as I had a post Christmas catch up with a friend. Steak with green beans and then pear tartin and a couple of glasses of wine. It was a conscious decision to eat this and I'm feeling no guilt. As everyone is saying, this needs to fit in around having a life. L xx

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Steak is allowed I think it's in one of the recipes in fact it's fillet steak I just had sirloin steak with salad last night before I started programme today

Emma Christou
over 4 years

Absolutely right! I figure it's going to take a while to change my old habits and if there is too much restriction I'd give up. Better to have a little of what you fancy and definitely don't feel guilty. Really savour it! X

Lucia Delli-Compagni
over 4 years

Love this post 😊 you have made me think very differently about the past two naughty nights I have had . Back on track today! x

over 4 years

Good for you. I have had some dinners out that have involved being served pastry like you I am not feeling guilty as am doing so well and have not bought or eaten a chocolate bar for 3 weeks which in itself is a massive achievement.

Jane GlowGirl EastMidlands
over 4 years

My favourite meal ! I'm out for a friends birthday next weekend and I am having that exact meal and I shall enjoy every mouthful 😀😀

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Spot on! I have had a couple of things not on the menu this week, no guilt at all. I am focusing instead on the way I feel by eating the menu food a majority of the time. That feeling by the way is awesome!! 😊 x