So somewhere between a clothing malfunction at the supermarket and the water pressure dropping so low it more or less disappeared I decided to have a glass of wine with a friend to cheer myself up. It hit me like a breeze block to the back of the head and I'm only just recovering from the headache. Won't be making that mistake again soon! More or less got the eating right (I ate my biltong) but I didn't manage the exercise.

Hubs has now hidden the scales though and the good news is that I have now worked out the right motivation for doing this. Not the numbers on the scale but because I have a daughter. I don't want her to see a negative example growing up. I don't want her to inherit the family legacy of dieting and worrying about weight. She deserves better. If she's going to be the kind of woman to whom good habits are habitual and weight concerns are a mystery, I need to become that woman in order to show her the way.

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almost 5 years

Loving the attitude. I am absolutely convinced children take a lot from their parents and working on being our best self is a true gift to them

Emma jane
almost 5 years

You can do it. I had an amazing Mum who taught us to love the skin you're in. Having kiddies has knocked my confidence but I will like the skin I'm in and show my little girl not to to worry about the scales. x