So I have a question, I buy the biona rye bread which has quite long slices. Do I still have two? Does it matter? Just wondering as on the photos I'm seeing lots of different rye bread types.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Zoe, totally up to you see what fills you up xx

over 4 years

Ingrid that sounds so good! I like the ones with added seeds in. I do like the biona one especially toasted! I might have a look around for some different ones to mix it up a bit.

over 4 years

I bought mine at Wholefoods - the organic wheat-free sourdough rye bread. It has poppy seeds on top. It is small so I had two slices. It is also not as dense as other rye breads I have seen and I must say I loved it for that reason too.

over 4 years

I was going to do 1 because they are so long but did have 2 as it's my 1st day and the reduction in food is going to be hard anyways :/ I chopped them in half so they fit in my toaster. I've put a pic up if you wanna see :) x