In whole foods market in Kensington. I'm in food heaven 😍

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Hannah Wood
over 4 years

There's one in my town (outside of London) and I'm in there so often I had a Facebook friend request before Xmas from my favourite sales assistant :)

It's next to my work which is bad because it's absolute heaven and I've almost bankrupted myself a few times in there.

I go there for one off items and to stock up on grains etc because you can measure them out yourself.

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

Well I was very good. I only bought some almond butter, coconut oil and some liquorice for my husband but I could have spent small fortune!! X

over 4 years

Is whole foods as expensive as it is here in the states? We call it whole pay cheque! 😂
I just dropped $80! Granted buckwheat flour/noodles and miso paste and not usually on my weekly shop list.... :) so that bumped it up a bit.
I can easily spend that on a night out though for drinks and dinner. So it all relative :)

over 4 years

What did you buy?