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Hey girls! Just started the program today. Just a quick one.. I know I won't always be able to do exercise in the morning.. If I workout after work, should I eat before or after? And how long should I leave between? Thanks everyone

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Always best to listen to your body. But I usually encourage something light in the belly before training. Give it between an 1-1.5 for digestion before you train. 🙋🏽🙏🏾🦄

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I eat with my kids at 6 and then put them to bed, relax then do my exercises at 8.30. Works for me x

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Hi there! I'm an evening work out girl as well. There are a few of us here. It's hard to find a balance. I know I've almost passed out because I didn't fuel my body enough before hand. I will usually eat a small protein snack such as a Greek yogurt with some nuts and berries about 2 hours before I work out. Or half and English muffin with some almond butter. It may seem like a lot of food but the energy ball isn't enough for me when I'm working out in the evening. Your body is burning calories. Make sure you hydrate well throughout the day. That's really important. Happy to share tips 😘

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I would listen to your body,if you need food,eat. But maybe not too much right before working out,as it will feel uncomfortable during the workout :) maybe have a little snack as a banana or a smoothie