Hey guys, my live stream is happening a little later than planned tonight which gives you more time to enjoy your dinner! Tune in at 8:30pm and I'll be answering your questions, can't wait to see you! 😘

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over 4 years

Hey lecmc! I had serious problems with sensitive combination skin aswell and can recommend 2 things a lot,because since I use it (just a few days) I realised a massive difference on my skin! The make up remover from clinique (take the day off) and the clinique facial brush with a brush head for sensitive skin! My saviour!😘

Samantha Wheeldon
over 4 years

Hey! Loving tonight's dinner 👌🏼 Tucking in now!

I was wondering if there will ever me an option to view your own posts on your profile? Just to keep track as I find it hard to find my own posts down the news feed! Even a notification when someone comments on your post?

Thanks in advance 😊

Lynn Watkinson
over 4 years

Concerns over arsenic found in rice milk. Everything is ok in moderation but drinking it everyday. So is it ok to have almond milk or was there a reason this is not as good as rice milk? Eg too high in calories etc

over 4 years

Help! My skin has had a massive reaction following microdermabrasion 3 weeks ago and although I have been sticking to the glow guides plan and trying everything to get it back to normal, it is still horrendous! Any skincare tips for seriously sensitive acne would be so welcome! X

over 4 years

Yeah my kids'll be in bed.

over 4 years

Ideal! I can squeeze in a swim after yoga class now :) xx

over 4 years

Hey maddie can't wait to tune in again. Please can I ask why rice milk over others, is there a reason? Also is it ok to add in healthy carbs to meals that are very low in carbs if I don't want to loose any weight? X