Hands up if you have a cheeky habit for online shopping? I’ll be the first to admit that I love to shop! But this month, why not stop yourself from buying that extra pair of trainers (let’s face it we all have enough shoes anyway) and get started on the Glow Guides programme instead? That’s all it would take to invest in all the incredible content we have created for you in the app - so what are you waiting for? xx

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Emma jane
over 5 years

Love these trainers and already have the app...... which style are they ladies? Nike zoom/free?

over 5 years

My last pair of trainers is bought for my high arch feet. So needed those. All along been wearing the wrong shoes

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Thank you lovelies! 😘

Eva Mayer
over 5 years

There is nothing better than shoes, haha. However, the App was worth every penny as well! ❤️

over 5 years

I do like the trainers too ha ha 😍

Shereen Proctor
over 5 years

😍 Love these, I've had my eyes on them 😍😍