Hi guys
I'm just starting out but I'm a wee bit muddled,
I'm pretty active already and do rugby and a circuit training class as well as Pilates and a yoga class once a week do I still need to do the work outs as well or just the yoga or both or am I good as I am?? So confused help!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello! The workouts in the plan are designed to balance strength and cardio and so work together really well. The workout me are designed by a personal trainer so you can be sure you're doing all the right exercises 😘

over 4 years

I think there's an element of activity most days on the plan, perhaps use a workout or yoga session here or there in addition to what you're already doing? I have a similar issue, already quite active, but like to change things up, and so far whilst I only started officially yesterday, I had a try out at a workout, and a yoga session, they were both great. I'm really looking forward to incorporating more yoga, meditation and mindfulness in my life 🙏 I'd be really interested to hear what others think?

Hannah Wood
over 4 years

I would think you're good as you are. I do 5 workouts a week: 2x weight sessions at the gym, 2x cardio and 1x Pilates class currently so any more exercise would kill me :)

I'm using the app for the food alone at the moment however the stretchy Sunday yoga session was a nice relax and today I skipped my usual gym workout for workout A at home instead so maybe just dip in and out instead of following the whole weeks plan....