Has anyone got any advice for falling off the bandwagon? It was my birthday the end of last week and all I did was eat and drink I feel horrible now and really wanted to follow this plan. Thinking of going back to week 2 and starting that week again. Just wondering if anyone had some tips for saying no or eating well during special occasions? Thanks :) X

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Lynn Watkinson
over 4 years

Don't go back to the beginning- this isn't snakes and ladders!!! Just carry on one day at a time and if you have an off plan moment that's ok... That's life!! just don't sweat it because you now know that on the whole you eat well. The next meal you have will just carry on where you left off. Xxx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello lovely, don't feel disheartened! You're doing great if you want to start week 2 again by all means do! Let me know how you get on xx

over 4 years

Best way to feel better is to get back on plan 💪🏼😇

over 4 years

No room for regrets 😊. You can't change it and I'm sure you had fun so just look forward and carry on 💚

Tiffany Topol
over 4 years

First - happy birthday! Mine was actually at the end of week one, and I balanced celebrating with sticking to the Glow Guides by choosing a restaurant that had plan-friendly options - I believe I ordered salmon with a farro salad, and shared a few healthy appetizers. I allowed myself to share the desserts, and just a couple of drinks - one vodka soda and one glass of red wine. I think it's about allowing yourself to let loose on special occasions just a little bit so you don't go overboard - I still had fun but didn't feel like I completely sabotaged all the great work I did during week one! I was worried, because normally I go ALL OUT on my birthday - tons of cake, more drinks than I can count on one hand, dancing until four in the morning - but it was actually nice to take it a down a few notches and wake up the next morning feeling fresh.

So. The key, as it is with everything, moderation. And not beating yourself up over a treat here and there! I also find it helpful to remind myself how good I feel when I stick to the healthy choices - I NEVER regret those!

over 4 years

Don't feel bad or horrible! It was your Birthday, they are supposed to be fun and care-free, what matters now is how quickly you get back to being healthy - glow girl! (I completely came off the wagon and it wasn't my Birthday 🙈) xxx