Argh! So I didn't prep Sunday as I've been working late & now I don't have lunch for today - any suggestions as to what I can grab I'm near a sainsburys and have a microwave (argh). I think I'm going to have to bumble through the week 1 this week and then prep for week 1 again on Sunday and start over 😩😩

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over 4 years

Yeah same as what Madeleine says.

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, go as natural as possible. Buy some fresh salad and some chicken or fish and make a salad. Try not to go for the pre-packaged stuff as often it has sugar and salt added! But fresh leaves, vegetables and avocado would be great with some protein xx

Megan Jefferys
over 4 years

Brilliant thank you!!!

over 4 years

My local sainsbury's stock this Pieminister pie pot, which is a healthy pie without the crust that you can microwave. They taste amazing, hope you can find it.