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over 4 years

Well, she says the bowl has sweet potatoes in it so that's carbs basically.
The smoothie can have oats or protein powder... But I could never have a smoothie for dinner, I feel psychologically hungry afterwards 😀.
And I notice most athletes have egg white omelettes. It's the proteic part. I told my husband I'll eat eggs several times a week with the plan and his first question was "but just the whites, right?" Go figure...

over 4 years

I could not get my head round her article though. What she eats in a week is totally unbalanced? A bowl of roasted veg for dinner one night? Where is the protein or carbs? Also one night a smoothie for dinner? Also i don't get why people have egg white omelettes , eat the yolks 😁

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years