I really want to start this programme it looks perfect for me, I'm so not motivated right now and need a good kick up the backside! however I'm on a tight budget at the moment, can anyone tell me if the food plan has proved to be quite expensive or average? I'm also not sure if I have room in my house to do the workouts but I can't see me doing them at my gym any advice on that too? Xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hey babe, we've designed workout PDFs so you can easily do it in the gym without having to watch the videos. It's more discreet if you like keeping to yourself 😘 big kiss xx

over 4 years

I've stopped buying lunch at work so I'm starting to save money! X

over 4 years

Also, you have no waste, so for me it's worked out cheaper than normal. 😀

over 4 years

Not much space needed :) room for a mat and a bit extra I'd say. You can always modify some of the moves. As for food, week one was more pricey as I don't have much of a store cupboard stock, but affordable since. I'd advise doing an online shop because then you can take your time and get the best deals. A lot do introductory discounts for your first shop. Search online for codes! Also, you can sub out some of the more pricey ingredients (avocado oil for example) if they're too much. Xx

over 4 years

Thanks guys! I really want to do it for the exercise too but just don't know where I'll be able to do it! Does the exercises and yoga provided need a lot of space? X

over 4 years

I actually have found it quite reasonable. About £40. Probably less than I usually spend.
Maybe a bit more first week as you get extra stuff in like avocado oil etc.
Good luck, it's well worth doing even without the exercise.