Hello lovelies ❤️
That's me half way through my second week and other than a bit of bloating (presumably just my body getting used to not eating crap) I'm loving it.

Normally I hate getting up in the morning but am getting up just after 6am every day to do the workouts and yoga and feel so good for it (isn't a few minutes of meditation a lovely way to start the day too?!).

Having shopping lists, meal plans and recipes every week makes it so much easier to stick to eating well and all the menus are brilliant- I'm really enjoying trying new combinations of food and hope I can keep this going for the rest of the 8 weeks...and beyond.

For anyone who's unsure whether to take the £49.99 hit I'd say go for it- for all the help and support its well worth it, and having this community is a lovely thing.
I'm always full and instead of having smaller portions then snacking and picking I'm having good proper meals full of goodness.

Thanks everyone for your positivity and as Madeleine would say 'HAVE AN AMAZING DAY'.

Love Jacq (currently stuffing my face with delicious overnight oats with stewed apples and pumpkin seeds) xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Thanks so much Jacq, that's so lovely!!!! I love hearing your feedback and I'm so glad you're enjoying the programme. You're doing so well and I love the community we've created! Lots of love and HAVE AN AMAZING DAY 😃😍