More fitness questions. Does anyone use a Fitbit charge and what do you think of it? I currently have the flex and thinking of upgrading X

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over 4 years

I've got the Fitbit charge and I love it. My favourite thing about it is Gives you your heart beat, steps, calories used and time at a tap. I've started parking further away from where I'm headed to get more steps in. I also love the fact you can view your sleep on the app on the phone as well as tracking other exercise and food.

Jo Round
over 4 years

I ditched my Fitbit in favour of an Apple Watch. I need it to ensure that I don't spend all day glued to the laptop and it's working well ❤️

Jenny Quinn
over 4 years

Does it track all exercise? X

over 4 years

I have a fitbit charge HR and love it! I like being able to get my step count instantly on my wrist.