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Anyone else having issues opening the PDF'S? I've tried 3G and wi-fi. using a samsung phone x

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Disciple Media Support
almost 3 years

Hi There

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the app. Please can you email us at glowguides@disciplesupport.com and our tech team will get back to you.

All the best!
Disciple Media Support

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hey guys please email the email above, hope it works ok and let us know if not xxx

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almost 3 years

Hi there, I couldn't open the pdf originally because it kept trying to read it through kindle. I have since disabled kindle and now it is working perfectly. Hope you get it to work 😃

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almost 3 years

Email here for technical issues glowguides@disciplesupport.com

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almost 3 years

Exactly the same here. I get a message pop up telling me to check the location and try again.