Hey Glow Girls and Guys! Do you guys have any tips for stress eating? I've had a pretty intense period of stress the past week and all I crave is treats. It's terrible, not only because it makes me feel like crap, but also because it becomes a form of procrastination! Do you guys do this as well? Do you have any tips to get back on track? It's become a bit of a vicious cycle that I'm stuck in 😢 xx

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over 4 years

Thank you so much guys. It was nice to wake up to your support, and I will definitely try all your tips. I feel a bit better already :)

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I think being aware of it already is a good thing as you can redirect your thoughts. For me this is something I have improved by being more able to find inner peace, even in stressing periods. I always tell myself I have two choices - do the same thing with stress or without stress. Which one do I want to choose. It calms me down immediately. Then I think things like meditation and exercising help to get the adrenaline out and have a calming effect. But there can be different forms of meditation. Connecting with nature does a lot for me to sooth my soul. Sometimes it can be good to take even just half an hour to get the pressure out and have a walk in a park, watch animals like birds, squirrels or happy dogs and then you can return to what you were doing with better spirit. If you've got cravings a warm glass of water with lemon juice can help too.

over 4 years

I tend to drink a glass of water as I usually think my cravings are related to thirst. Also if I am going through a bout of stress I have started to make some me time as that is who I look after the least when the place is falling apart. My favourite "me" time lately is painting my nails. I slow down, my nails look pretty and it is a little hard to eat whilst it is still drying.

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello lovely, meditation helps me relax and get back in the moment. Make meditation a part of your daily routine and this should combat the stress. Also just be kind to yourself and take deep breaths in and out xxx