Hi folks! I've just signed up and had a quick read through the meal plan and the food looks great! I've never done yoga before but excited to try and I really like the addition of meditation too - the whole body and mind wellness idea appeals a lot to me. I'd love to know how you're all finding it so far?

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Becca TW
over 4 years

Thanks everyone, I'm getting married in April so hoping this will get me glowing nicely for the wedding (and that the meditation and yoga will prevent me from going all bridezilla as the stress levels start to creep up!) So excited to start now!

over 4 years

It's brilliant. I'm 3 weeks in and had never done yoga before but I am totally addicted now. The exercise and yoga in week 1 are quite fast paced but don't be put off. It gets easier once you know what the positions are called!! The food is amazing and I have kids who love it too. I'm feeling great, sleeping really well and I'm feeling physically strong. You will love it!! Good luck!

over 4 years

It's such a great all round plan, you will love it. I'm currently on week 1 day 5. If you are new to yoga don't be discouraged if you cant get in the poses straight away or if you feel tight. Yoga is something you are always learning no matter how long you have been practising 😊 (I'm a student yoga teacher and some days I feel tighter than others) Welcome 😊

over 4 years

I really love it, body, spirit and mind for me work together so I like the programme is so complete. I have really enjoyed the food so far, it is very practical to have a leftover menu for lunch to have at work. The biggest challenge for me is exercising every day as I have very busy days. I usually can't do it in the morning which would be my preference as I have to go very early so I have to find the motivation in the evening plus cooking a meal the days when I return late from work. But I find it a good challenge, and I have days during the week that are more flexible plus the weekend. It will be very beneficial and I really want to commit to it. My body is aching but that means I need it :)

over 4 years

Hi I'm just like you and bought the guide today. Can't wait to get stuck in next week! I love the whole holistic approach to the plan it's so refreshing :)