I'm feeling tired this week and struggling to wake up at 6.30 despite being in bed by 10.30 . Is anyone else experiencing this or am I doing something wrong? I'm following the guide to 90% so I'm a little confused ... 😬

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over 5 years

Hey I've been sticking to the plan and knackered aswell this week! usually I would reach for coffee and carbs but realising lots of water was what I needed ! focusing so much on eating healthy forgetting to hydrate and feel a lot better x

Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Might help to have another snackball babe or alternatively have an afternoon fresh veggie juice as this is easy for your digestion xx

Kat Chloe
over 5 years

Thank you @jenhamer you might be right :)

over 5 years

I am feeling fatigued from
My fibromyalgia. I think I need to up my snack as well and I struggling to sleep at the moment. I think I need a white noise machine at night for my tinnitus too

over 5 years

Maybe like me you need a little more food than what the plan supplies. Maddie did say in week 1 that the plan is lower in overall calories than what would be recommended to maintain weight. So if you not worried about losing weight like me then I would add in some healthy carbs with meals or add in a snack or two then your body may not be as tired and you will wake earlier X X X