Hey ladies ♡ a wee bit of help needed here! Getting all the ingredients out here in South Korea is a bit of a challenge so I'm needing to be a bit creative! Quinoa is pretty expensive here- I can order it from overseas but often have customs problems. Would it be ok to substitute for millet which is cheap and plentiful here? Also, brown rice spaghetti is non existent here. I often eat a vermicelli noodle called dang myun which is made from sweet potato starch. I know it's a long shot but does anyone know the health benefits of this and if it's an ok substitution? it's super light and yummy so woud love to continue using it. Thanks, loving this app and the amazing community already! Xxx

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over 4 years

Thanks for getting back to me Madeline! Great to know about the millet and soba noodles are easy to get here so I'll stock up on them :) ♡

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello! So glad you've joined the programme!! Quinoa you can substitute for buckwheat grouts, millet or brown rice. You can also get soba noodles if you have them? Xx

over 4 years

Would be good to hear Madeleine's opinion about it but wanted to say that's great to have someone from South Korea! Actually when you told us I wondered if you could find the same ingredients. Good luck X