Hi everyone! I purchased the app yesterday on pay day after 4 weeks of trying to eat clean and making meals from Madeleine's get the glow book. I am feeling absolutely fab so would like to try the glow guides next! I have a question though. Since trying to eat clean, I have given up gluten. But I'm a bit confused as I've seen that there's rye bread on the meal plan. Does rye have gluten in? I thought it did but I could be wrong maybe I've confused myself! If I want bread I've been having brown rice and sunflower bread (biona) but if I could have the bread that would be great!! Hope this question isn't too confusing. Excited to start the plan in the next few weeks! Xxx

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Thanks for the advice guys. I knocked gluten on the head as in the get the glow book it said ditch it and so did a few other books I've read by nutritionists. So tricky when there's different advice around. I made the decision as I was finding (and this has been the case all my life) that after food that contains gluten I bloat terrible, I look heavily pregnant and am really uncomfortable.
Since stopping it at beginning of Jan the difference has been huge. So I wonder if maybe even though I'm not coeliac maybe I have some sort of intolerance to it. I'm enjoying the biona brown rice and sunflower seed bread (only have it once or twice a week anyway) so might stick with that for now 😊

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Rye bread has gluten. However it is important to recognise that unless you are celiac gluten is not bad for you, there is not scientific research to suggest it is. If your eating it in good quality food such as sourdough bread, whole grains and not cakes then it's Perfectly fine. Don't be scared of gluten, I get so frustrated that the whole world is thinking they need to go gluten free because they think it's healthier when actually I there is not scientific proof to suggest this unless your intolerant 😘

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Biona sunflower and rice bread is gluten free. If your allergic to gluten use that or make her bread from her book

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Rye contains gluten but Madeleine mentioned in a live stream that she's reintroduced it to her diet. Personally I have real issues with gluten so I have the biona millet bread instead :) xx