Feeling a bit sad.... Had a really bad week.. Worked really long hours, not in until late and haven't got time to cook meals that take longer than 10 mins. January is now done so focused to do better this week. Are other people having to swop some meals?? 😔

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Hi there,
I also work late some nights and so suffer the same barrier but have ended up cooking two meals sometimes on a free evening ready for the late night! It works for me. Xx

Von Tivey
over 4 years

Thanks ...... Feel better for reading your comments 😘😘💃🏻💃🏻

Abygail Irving-Isom
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Visitors have meant some changes...I've tried to keep them glowy....

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I have tried not to for my first week but I havn't had the beetroot and quinoa dish on Thursday. I wasn't very hungry in the evening, I felt full. I cooked the beetroot and quinoa all the same but the portion was absolutely giant. Like you could easily serve 4 with it. And on top of it the recipe was calling for sweet potato mash and tomato salad to serve with it. I have no idea how I could have eaten all of this. So I decided to freeze it in batches instead of eating it. That will be for another time. I have just checked the meal plan for today and tomorrow and both breakfasts have eggs. I find it too much for me so I will definitely swap for a non- egg breakfast for one of them. It just feels like too many eggs. I had some learnings this week too and I think it will help me for the second week. For example some portions I found were too big. I also had bought giant sweet potatoes which didn't help. So I will be more careful when shopping. Too many eggs for me for sure. And as I cook new recipes with new foods like courgetti or quinoa I can now adapt the quantity I cook. I also think I will be more flexible if I see a dish I don't particularly fancy but I am lucky I love veggies. Overall the recipes are relatively fast to cook which is important for me too during the week, and I like cooking from scratch so you know exactly what's in your plate. It does take a bit of extra time and effort if you are really tired when coming back from work but not so much. If your food is ready in the fridge I can be worth a little extra effort and it is really satisfying to eat good food. I think it can also be about how you see cooking it - is it effort or is it relaxing. I try to put myself into relaxing mode when I start cooking, release any stress and just enjoy it. But I know it can be challenging. I had days that were easier and others definitely harder.

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Definitely have swapped! I think it's better to make the program fit into your lifestyle so you keep it up! You can always prep ingredients on Sundays (chop up all your veggies, marinate fish, etc). It's hard to get used to but sounds like you're committed! 😊

Gabrielle Amelia Reeves
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I'm thinking the same! I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks and won't have time to do as much cooking as I'm doing at the moment and my plan is to substitute meals for recipes from Madeleine's cook book. There are some lovely meals in there which are quite quick to make 💚 Hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend 😊

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Yes for sure!! I'm picking out a lot of the quicker meals, those with less prep or just following the principles - sometimes it's easier to stick some chicken or fish on and have it with veg/salad etc. Don't beat yourself up.
I've changed quite a few meals this week.

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I swap around depending on what my work day is going to be. I mix my workout times also as not always able to do them in the mornings. Keep positive, don't be too hard on yourself.