I knew exercising everyday would be my biggest challenge... And it has been. I almost fell off the bandwagon yesterday. I had a super busy day and the last thing I wanted to do in the evening was working out. I was really tired. I had nearly made a pact with myself that it was ok to miss a day when I arrived home and my boyfriend told me it was a test, I should have half an hour rest and then do the workout. He's a very good coach! I ended up having a 10 minutes rest and then I did the workout followed by the cauliflower recipe (loved it). I definitely had a good sleep last night but I am proud I did it 😊. Happy weekend everyone

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Emma jane
over 4 years

Yes well done. Massive hi five for sticking to it xxx

over 4 years

Way to go! 💪🏼

over 4 years

Well done Ingrid, love that chuffed feeling. 🙌🙌