Oh man I'm being attacked by the dreaded cold 😢 kiddies are full of it and it's only fair to share! Not that fussed by eating. Drinking lots of herbal teas, lemon and hot water but what kind of food should I nibble on?

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Jo Round
over 5 years

The chicken soup worked really well and sprinkling chilli flakes on most things will help as well !!

Emma jane
over 5 years

I have turmeric milk every morning. could I sip on it throughout the day? especially if I'm not eating much else. Chicken soup 💓 love it. Perfect for the snivels x

over 5 years

I hear turmeric is great for the immune system, have you tried the turmeric milk? I drank it before bed when I was full of cold and felt lots better x

over 5 years

warming chicken soup.🍲