Am I the only person not loosing weight? About to start week 4 and have only lost 1lb. Was hoping for more. Does anyone have any tips? I am planning on sticking to this as before I did a juicing diet 7lbs in 7days but not sure that's healthy.

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Thank you for all the comments and advice much appreciated. Date balls are out!

Kellie Williams
over 4 years

I am starting tomorrow and currently a weight watchers gold member and follow a points plan.i have tried to point week 1 meal plan so I know i am keeping on track which meant I have had to cut out the snack and cut down on the seeds and nuts .i know this plan is not about how much food we eat and more about how we feel and glow but we are all different and the amount one person eats does not always work for the other,well for me anyway so I know if I point the food hopefully I won't gain,which I am sure I will be cursed for doing as this is not a diet plan😬😳

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I haven't lost as much as I'd like (around 5lb in 4 weeks) but my body fat is down 2%....
I'm feeling all the benefits but I have a stone to lose! Ive made a few tweaks this week (like my buddy on here too) stopped having left overs for lunch, cut the snack out, less seeds on meals and porridge and less oil.... Make it work for you X

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Its muscle fat, water retention that be gaining. Avoid the scales they don't tell u all that. U will feel it