A few people have commented about not losing the weight we want to..... If it helps, I thought would share my own thoughts....., we are not all the same on here, we all have different struggles and I feel there is no wrong or right just what works for you....,, so here it is :
I found that I wasn't losing weight, 1lb in last 2 weeks, I felt there was just too many calories for me, I exercise 4 times a week not every day..... This week I ate less nuts and seeds, used less oil, had soups or salads for lunch with chicken or fish and cut out the date balls. Did have an odd banana and odd nakd bar for snacks and have lost 2lb this week. My opinion, probably not worth much, just based on my own experience is you have to stick to the basic principals because let's face it Maddie has a fabulous plan here that makes you feel healthy, energised and in control, but to actually lose weight some of us may have to tweek it a bit..... After all we are all different, unique and clearly from the posts on here, beautiful!!!!! P.s I am not criticising the plan in any way... It's fabulous as I said, just sharing how I am making it work for me 😀👍

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over 4 years

You're the best! 👍😊
Will be tweaking more myself this week and making the plan work for me. 😄
Thank you 😘

over 4 years

Totally agree, I find it important to adapt to your needs

over 4 years

You totally get my tick of approval! Mads has set up an amazing guide and tweaks may be necessary to accommodate for genetics, build, body composition, activity levels, food intolerances, work life, home life ... Everything! 😍 Well done! Thanks for sharing some great advice!

Von Tivey
over 4 years

I think that's absolutely right.... I have smaller portions and none of the snacks between meals....

over 4 years

Thanks for that and well done for your weight loss. I absolutely agree. Some muscle will have developed too and that makes a difference.
I have never eaten such healthy food in my life. Haven't got on the scales yet and trying not to as I just feel fab and don't want to be disappointed by weight loss.
Will keep going and thanks so much for your post xx