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Am having a bit of trouble with me overnight oats! The cinnamon seems to just sit on top of the rice milk, not mixing well and in the morning the liquid hasn't been absorbed so the oats are just sloppy and swimming around in the milk. Doesn't look like the picture thats for sure... Perhaps I'm using the wrong ingredients?! I bought tesco pure gluten free oats. Any help appreciated 😊 Thanks Glowers Xx

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Tiffany Topol
almost 3 years

I throw everything in a mason jar and shake well before popping it in the fridge. Comes out beautifully every time!

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

You need to mix it all really well to make sure the cinnamon is combined and the milk gets to the oats at the bottom of the bowl c

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almost 3 years

I but mine in a covered tupperware and shake it so everything gets mixed together!

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almost 3 years

Thank you everyone! Will try those adjustments! Have a lovely evening Xx

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almost 3 years

I heat mine up in the morning, 😀

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almost 3 years

Are you using just a teaspoon of cinnamon?! I use tesco oats but about 250-275ml milk x

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almost 3 years

Ditto to Kati try mixing it in with the oats before the milk

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Kati Kiil
almost 3 years

Mix the cinnamon with the oats before you pour in the rice milk.