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Hello wondering about buying the app and would like some advice. My reservations are family meals are really important, so not eating the same as my family worries me. Do you need to exercise ever day, as I nurse working long days that might not be practical! ( I frequently do over 20,000 steps at work!) would I be better just applying the principles in the book?

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over 2 years

Hi! I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old and they eat the same as me and love the food. I tweak it too so they get carbs or meat added but no complaints so far and my husband loves it too x

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over 2 years

Thanks for the comments ladies I really appreciate your thoughts x

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over 2 years

Hello. I have 2 boys aged 7 and 9 and I tend to tweak what I'm having from the menu so they will eat it as well. Tonight we are having Asian salmon which one of the really like, but I will do a chicken version for my husband and other son. I just add more side to there's and they always have a pudding so I know they are getting good what they need. it's so much easier as I don't have to really worry about what's for tea now. As for the exercises part I'm really bad and rarely get round to doing any although I do walk a lot at work and have a dog which I walk daily .
I've also been lucky enough to lose about 8 lbs since I started the plan.

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Lynn Watkinson
over 2 years

Hello, I am a mum of two children under five, I work and am also studying- it's mad! However, given the busy life I think it has been important to try and focus on my own health. I can't lie it is a bit of work but have found the app has made it as easy as it could be with the shopping list for the week. You also make an evening meal and have left overs for next day's lunch- so the principle of cook once, eat twice does make the lunches absolutely no work!! Whilst I stick to the plan about 90% of the time and have had a few off plan moments.... I don't think I will ever go back to my old ways. It has literally changed how I view food! X

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over 2 years

Hi there!
I'm also a nurse and I hear you about the schedule.
I really like this app. I especially like the meal plans and they are very adaptable for the family. My boyfriend is such a fussy eater, he doesn't like butternut squash or sweet potato, so I modify the dish by giving him regular potatoes. And I'll add a meat protein if I feel I need the extra protein when I've walked those 20,000 steps 😆
As nurse we are so great at taking care of others, that we forget about ourselves. So take this time for you. You deserve it.
Besides this is more than an app. We're family 💗