So I just signed up last night and have to use up some of my groceries and leftovers from last week. Think it'll work to replace the lunch today with watercress soup? And the rye bread with normal bread. Would hate to throw anything out unnecessarily.

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over 4 years

Thanks guys - it was the last two slices so rye from here on in. And it was delish with the avo and chilli!

over 4 years

Sounds a good idea. Don't worry about the bread as long as it is good quality bread without loads of added sugar your fine. Unless your celiac there is no reason to not eat gluten, it's a myth with no scientific research to support it. So just make sure it's a good quality bread X X

over 4 years

Watercress soup sounds good, I think with bread its best to go gluten free and unrefined to reduce bloating but I'm sure a day or 2 won't hurt 😝 hope you enjoy your week 1!