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Early birthday present ( hubby couldn't find anywhere to hide it!!) Very excited 😀😀

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almost 3 years

I love mine! I used it to make cauliflower rice for Maddie's Cauliflower Seafood Paella recipe:


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almost 3 years

Allie have you got a good pre workout smoothie recipe?

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almost 3 years

yeay! I picked mine up yesterday. I did have an cheaper alternative but it broke.

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almost 3 years

Had mine a year now and use it most days! Best product ever!

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almost 3 years

I love mine!
Happy to share smoothie recipes too 😋

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almost 3 years

They are so great 😊

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Jenny Quinn
almost 3 years

They are the best!! Just made a yummy breakfast smoothie in mine xx

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almost 3 years

Welcome to the club, I just bought one! Being so excited about it