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Cheeky little breakfast this morning..... Had a bit of organic bacon as a treat!!!

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Lynn Watkinson
almost 3 years

You can't beat avocado and bacon! Reminds me of breakfasts in Australia!

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almost 3 years

Thanks girls, put a bit of vinegar in the water and break eggs into a small bowl first and gently lower into simmering pan, works a treat...!
The rye bread is a german one from marks and spencers, its soft and lovely... More 'bread like' than the biona packet one i usually have!

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almost 3 years

Agree about your poached eggs!!! Nice job!

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almost 3 years

Yum!! 😋

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almost 3 years

Oooooh that looks so nice. What bread do you use? I'm getting fed up with rye. X

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almost 3 years

Your poached eggs look so pretty 👌🏼