As much as the programme can be hard to stick to when times are tough, I have to say that being forced to head into the kitchen can be a comfort too. Kitty baby woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning very unhappy. I figured she had picked up my cold and had a sinus headache. I worked through her symptoms and found nothing overly alarming, she was eating and had no temperature. However, as they day moved on, while she stopped crying as much, she slept almost constantly. I called NHS 111, spoke to a doctor, and was told my initial assessment was correct. But I couldn't stop worrying. Was awake until 2am before exhaustion took me. Cooking the soup last night kept me sane I think!

Pleased to say that after sleeping for the best part of 36 hours, Kitty is far more herself. Thank everything that's great and

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years


over 4 years

🙏 enjoy your day. Glad she is ok 💚

over 4 years

Extra points for being a busy mum, glad your little one is all good

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over 4 years

relaxing Sunday is well deserved.💖

over 4 years

Aww bless, poor mama & baba. hope you have a restful Sunday 💕